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Software Engineer

At 10 years old, I started playing an online game that allowed you to trade for virtual items with assigned values. I would spend hours in the trading clubhouse daily finding people to trade with. One day, I decided to click on the Inspect tool and became curious about what the code meant and how the animations worked. Prior to college, I took an intro to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript course which furthered my interest of wanting to learn more about building web applications.

Current thought: How can we build features for products that provide the most value to our users?


PayPal Logo

Credit Admin Console

PayPal Credit

As a Software Engineer Intern at PayPal during Summer 2018, I developed the web application that allowed the FinProd developers to perform administrative and diagnostic functions for several of their RESTful services. The web application was coded in ReactJS, Node.js for the front-end and Express.js and SQL for the back-end.

Software Engineer Intern


Summer 2018 (3 months)


Avnet MiniZed BLE

Bluetooth Low Energy demo

As a Software Engineer Intern at Avnet during Summer 2017, I developed the prototype version of Avnet MiniZed BLE. The iOS application was coded in Swift using XCode for accessing the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Temperature sensor data from a Murata Type 1DX via Bluetooth.

Software Engineer Intern

Avnet, Inc.

Summer 2017 (3 months)

Green Light bulb

Immersion of Choice

Thesis/Creative Project

The topic of my Creative Project centers on the question of “How can the audience's choices influence dancers' improvisation?” This dance work seeks to redefine the relationship between audience and performers through integration of audience, technology, and movement in real-time. The two web applications 'Master Poll' and 'Client Poll' were coded in Python.

Computer Science B.S., Dance Minor

Barrett, the Honors College, Arizona State University


IBM Bluemix

Temperature Dashboard

IBM Bluemix

As a Data Analytics Intern at Avnet during Summer 2017, I modified IoT IBM Bluemix UI dashboard web application code using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I demonstrated the IBM Bluemix application and new dashboard at Avnet Field Application Engineering Expo.

IT/Data Analytics Intern

Avnet, Inc.

Summer 2016 (3 months)





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