Courtney Ngai

Courtney Ngai

The two constants
in life are
change & learning

Throughout my life, I’ve been the tech-enthusiast of my family with a curiosity of how web applications work and how each component of a web app creates a harmonious system. I’ve also been a dancer for 23+ years which cultivates a practice of discipline, grit, and artistry/creativity. Integrating my knowledge of Software Engineering & Dance, I can creatively produce real-world solutions and leverage technology to provide value to users.

Currently, I am a Software Engineer, Scrum Master, and Tech Lead in the PayPal Credit organization working mainly on the development and upkeep of React, Node, and GraphQL services.

Being eager for personal growth, I enjoy learning from multiple disciplines which include: reading self-development books, baking, and exploring dance as a physical user interface for abstract Software Engineering concepts to produce dance pieces for film/media.

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Could Be Pretty Cool Podcast

Episode Summary: In this episode of CBPC News, we chat with Courtney Ngai, a software engineer, content creator and the founder of justplatypost who shares her story of combining her love for dance with technology to empower fellow content creators.

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